A game prototype created in 2013, with Fadi Karlitch, who’ve also done the art and animation. It features 2 sword fighters engaging in 2 urban environments.

First roof
Built in vanilla AS3 and AGAL:
  • Automatic sword info extraction from sprites
  • Scene editor (All geometries are quad sprites in 3D space - Billboards)
  • Animation controllers
  • Graphics vertex and fragment shaders (sprites, animated spritesheets, post-processing)
  • Automated batch rendering
  • Simple AI
  • Gestures controls
  • Accelerometer enabled game camera (on mobile)
3D models 3D models created by Fadi.
Sword extraction Sword extraction
Game editor Scene editor

DEMO - AI vs AI, 2 fights:
YTH63eR2fGI5MLoad video