Papier, is part of a workshop context on digitally editing and creating a 3D character, unfolding it for printing on thick paper, which is cut and glued to get a 3D cardboard copy.


The workshop was thought of by my brother, who also designed the 3D art.

The 3D assets were conveniently named and provided via fbx. They are vertex colored: easier during creation and more efficient for storage. The tessellation of the surface define the user’s in-app drawing resolution.

The 3D assets were imported into 3ds Max and through maxscript: texture unwrapped and exported into a unified 3D mesh, color and category/type file that can be easily parsed in Unity using C# to create efficient unity assets automatically loaded with their correct mapping structure and data members used by the browsing system.


The assets preparation and integration was mostly streamlined, and now new content can be easily added or modified.

The shading uses an edited Unity flat shader, and geometry is vertex colored, until 'exporting' when a texture map and a Wavefront obj file are created and saved.

The generated files are loaded into Pepakura, who unfolds the geometry beautifully, mark folding lines and gluing patches, and distributes the colored parts on a flat surface ready for printing…

All assets

1 - Editor

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2 - Assembly

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